28 Subscriptions From Cratejoy You’ll Basically Be Doing Yourself A Favor For Buying

28 Subscriptions From Cratejoy You’ll Basically Be Doing Yourself A Favor For Buying

You’ll thank yourself for signing up for a monthly macaron subscription.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


UnboxBoardom sends you a new game with each box — you’ll receive either a family game, a strategy game, or a party game every month, every two months, or every three months — you choose how often you’d like the games to come, and all you have to do is have fun playing them!


What you’ll get: Depending on which subscription you choose, you’ll receive one new game delivered to your door either every month, every two months, or every three months. Games range from family games to strategy games to party games. Plus, for every 10 new subscribers UnboxBoardom gets, they will donate a game to kids who can’t afford their own!

Price: Gaming Guru for $29.99/month, Casual Gamer for $30.99/2 months, or Board Game Beginner for $31.99/3 months


Red Velvet NYC sends recipes that yield two Pinterest-worthy desserts each month. They’ll give you all of the pre-measured ingredients — all you need is eggs!


What you’ll get: Two baking kits in each box with all of the pre-measured ingredients you need to bake (minus eggs), a detailed recipe card, and new tips, tricks, and techniques.

Price: $45.75/month


Coloring And Classics sends an adult coloring book, an adult activity book, and a hard-cover book in a genre of your choice in each box! Plus, your first shipment will come with a pack of colored pencils.


What you’ll get: Each month you’ll receive a box that contains an adult coloring book, an adult activity book, and a hardcover book from your chosen genre (acclaimed fiction, acclaimed nonfiction, mystery, horror, romance, sci-fi, fantasy). Plus, their starter box includes colored pencils for your coloring creations! Each box has a value of over $40!

Price: $14/month


Crated with Love sends a themed date night idea in each box with four to five activities to tie in with the theme that’ll make an at-home date night super fun and meaningful.


What you’ll get: Each month, you’ll receive four to five challenges or activities that’ll help to spark laughter, strike up conversations, and strengthen relationships, so you can enjoy thoughtful, meaningful date nights at home.

Price: $20/month


Coffee And A Classic transports you to the world of the included book each month with the help of a yummy hot beverage, snacks, a high-quality photo box, and other fun knickknacks.


What you’ll get: Each box will come with a novel in the genre you pick (classic literature or children’s classics), a drink of choice to sip on (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or a surprise), two bookish items, and a bookmark. If you choose the standard box, you’ll also get a snack and a mug. Everything comes packaged in a high-quality photo box!

Price: $39.89/month


Paletteful Packs sends hand-picked art supplies monthly, so no matter your skill level, you can look forward to unleashing your creativity.


What you’ll get: Choose between three different subscriptions. The young artist is designed for ages 8 and up and includes about four items per box, the petite pack includes four or more supplies per box, while the premier pack comes with five or more supplies per box. Supplies may include pens, pencils, sketch pads, oil paints, tool sets, and more!

Price: Paletteful Petite Pack for $22.95/month, Premier Paletteful Pack for $33.95/month, or Young Arist Paletteful Pack for $29.95/month


Jackie’s Chocolates immerses you into a chocolate-y world of wonder with truffles, artisan chocolates, caramels, and more. Anyone who isn’t a chocolate person… I find you to be a little fundamentally strange, sry.


What you’ll get: Depending on the chosen subscription, either 1/4 lb., 1/2 lb., or 1 lb. of assorted truffles, caramels, and chocolate-covered nuts. Perfect for any chocoholic, or just someone with a sweet-tooth!

Price: $17.95/3 months


Vinyl Moon gives you the chance to discover up-and-coming musicians in a super cool, old-school fashion — with a pretty and high-quality vinyl record.


What you’ll get: A beautiful vinyl containing a mix of 10 up-and-coming musicians in a record jacket custom-designed with deluxe features by visual artists. Subscribers will also receive member discounts and free shipping from their store.

Price: Monthly Membership for $26/month, 3-Month Membership for $25/month, or Annual Membership for $23/box


Us | The Organic Italian Pasta Club delivers delicious pasta and pre-made sauce so you can whip up mouthwatering gourmet pasta.


What you’ll get: Each month, you’ll receive the ingredients needed to make two dinners, four dinners, or eight dinners — depending on which subscription you choose! Each box contains Seasonal Signature Sicilian Ancient Grains Pasta and features a traditional Sicilian tomato sauce or pesto, so you can make delicious gourmet pasta dishes.

Price: 2 Dinners for $16.66/month, 4 Dinners for $31.24/month, or 8 Dinners for $51.98/month


Bath Bevy brings you an array of items each month that’ll make bath time super relaxing.


What you’ll get: Each box features 6–10 items like bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts, body scrubs, handmade soaps, and more from a variety of small indie bath and body companies. Plus, each month has a thoughtfully curated theme!

Price: $34.95/month


SnackSack sends a variety of nutritious snacks so you can feel better about the noms you’re munching down.


What you’ll get: An assortment of 12 yummy snacks based on seasonal themes and flavors. You can choose to get them a classic box, a vegan box, or a gluten-free box.

Price: Classic for $22.67/month, Vegan for $23.50/month, or Gluten-Free for $23.50/month


Retro Game Treasure delivers three to five games based on your choice of gaming console, so you can start or expand your video game collection.


What you’ll get: Once you choose your retro console selections, you’ll receive three to five games in each box that are cleaned and ready to play, and will help you either start or build your game collection!

Price: $29.99/month


Nail Shack sends you four full sets of nail polish strips in a variety of fun colors and patterns, so you can easily rock a new nail look each week.


What you’ll get: Each monthly pack comes with at least four full sets (one for each week) of high-quality, easy-to-apply nail polish strips, as well as a nail file and a gentle cuticle pusher, so you can have fun with switching up your nail lewks each week!

Price: DIY Nail Shack for $9.95/month, or Nail Shack Pack Jr. for Kids for $8.75/month


Shaker & Spoon sends you the things you need to whip up some of the best-tasting cocktails you’ve ever sipped on — all you’ll need to add is your own liquor! BUT, if alcohol isn’t your thing, that’s cool too, because you can always enjoy these mixed drinks using just the syrups, mixers, garnishes, etc.


What you’ll get: Three unique recipes a month created by top-notch bartenders and everything needed to make four drinks per recipe other than the liquor: syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and more, as well as easy-to-follow instructions.

Price: $40/month


MATTER makes science junkies feel like each box is their own laboratory, with super cool artifacts and specimens.


What you’ll get: Four to six items each month including things like materials, objects, specimens, or artifacts to make your box feel part museum, part lab project.

Price: $25/month


My Garden Box provides everything you need to work on garden projects like live indoor and outdoor plants, easy-to-follow instructions, care tips, fun facts, and more!


What you’ll get: Everything you need to work on enriching garden proects including live plants (variety of both indoor and outdoor), visually-illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, properly-portioned ingredients, and fun plant facts!

Price: $35.50/month


Escape the Crate provides you with the tools you need to play a fun escape room game at home with your loved ones.


What you’ll get: Every other month, you’ll receive items needed to play an hour long escape room game at-home! In your box, you may find things like ciphers, letters, sleuthing tools, puzzles, and more. Note that internet is required to play, so you can enter different codes online to check if you’re getting it right!

Price: $26.50/2 months


Sugarbird Sweets delivers a delicious assortment of miniature scones — and if you choose the tea AND scone subscription, you can enjoy a proper afternoon tea at home.


What you’ll get: You can choose between a scone-only subscription, or, if you’re looking for more of an ~afternoon tea experience,~ you can choose a tea and scone subscription. If you choose the scone-only option, you’ll receive 12 mini scones, and if you choose the tea and scone option, you’ll receive 10 mini scones and loose-leaf tea. For the scones, you can choose between a regular, wheat-free, vegan, and a wheat-free and vegan assortment, and for tea, you can choose between black, green, and herbal.

Price: $30/month


Scribbler gives you a variety of items to help you work on your writing and get your creative juices flowing, like newly released fiction novels, curated gifts, and the opportunity to chat with industry professionals.


What you’ll get: An assortment of curated writer gifts including a newly released fiction novel; a look inside the publishing process with line edits, copyedits, and revision letters; an invite to chat with a publishing professional such as a literary agent, an editor, or a publicist; and a collectible writing passport from a bestselling author that’ll teach them how to master a specific writing topic like plotting, characters, and world-building.

Price: $27.50/month


Hot Sauce of the Month Club puts you in the judge’s seat for tasting top-tier, award-winning sauces.


What you’ll get: Depending on which subscription you choose, you’ll get either one bottle or three bottles of award-winning hot sauce at your desired heat level – mild, classic, or extra hot sauce.

Price: plans starting at $13.99/month


DVD Locker gets to know your movie preferences and sends you either two DVDs or Blu-rays each month — you choose whichever you prefer!


What you’ll get: First you’ll choose between a DVD or Blu-ray subscription. You’ll have the opportunity to review a selection of handpicked movies and the ability to swap any of them. The DVD locker team will get to know your preferences and movie tastes, so that you’re satisfied with the two movies you receive each month. Plus, you get to keep them, so you can start or grow your movie collection!

Price: DVD subscription for $16.67/month, or Blu-ray subscription for $19.17/month


Color Curate encourages you to get bold by sending color-intense beauty products that’ll have you stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying out looks you’re bound to fall in love with.


What you’ll get: Each box comes with four full-sized color-intense makeup products as well as a palette. All products are vegan, cruelty-, gluten-, and paraben-free. Plus, they come packed in a beautiful makeup bag!

Price: $20.95/month


Simple Loose Leaf Tea warms the soul with top-rated loose-leaf teas. Time to curl up on the couch and sip away.


What you’ll get: Choose between four subscription plans: the sampler tea box (comes with four hand-selected loose-leaf teas — a black tea, a green tea, an herbal tea, and a seasonal tea), herbal/decaf tea box (comes with four hand-selected loose-leaf teas — 100% caffeine-free seasonally fun teas), black tea box (comes with four hand-selected loose-leaf teas — two black teas and two “earthy” teas), or green tea box (comes with four hand-selected loose-leaf teas — two green teas, and two “bright” teas).

Price: $9/2 months


House Plant Box brings you houseplants, succulents, or air plants — it’ll be a lovely surprise to find out what you get each month, and will surely make your heart blossom.


What you’ll get: Each month you’ll receive a custom-crafted selection of lovely houseplants as well as other great surprises such as plant fertilizer, planters, and display stands.

Price: $11.25/month


Pastreez brings you a yummy mix of French macarons in different flavors each month. Too bad it’s not a daily subscription, because it may only take you a day to work through this box.


What you’ll get: 12 macarons each month in a variety of new, delicious flavors like salted caramel, raspberry, and more! Plus, they’re gluten- and dairy-free.

Price: $26.25/3 months


Finders Seekers Mysteries delivers exciting puzzles, codes, and cryptic messages as well as a themed location to get anyone with a curious mind hyped.


What you’ll get: Each month you’ll receive family-friendly, but still challenging, puzzles, codes, and cryptic messages with a themed location that’ll allow you to explore a new city and culture, unpack new items depending on the mystery, and put your adventurous mind to work.

Price: $25/month


Match Made Coffee delivers international craft coffees and gourmet cookies that perfectly pair with them. It’s like having the local cafe deliver goodies right to your front door.


What you’ll get: Each box will come with two craft coffees (ground beans), and two gourmet cookies designed to pair perfectly with the coffee. A pairing guide is included in each box!

Price: $19.95/month


Explore Local Box focuses on a different US city in each box and immerses you into it with artisan goods from small businesses in that city — which means you’ll also be supporting awesome small businesses. It’s a win/win!


What you’ll get: Each month, you’ll receive a box that gives you the opportunity to explore a new US city through premium, locally-made, artisan products and foods from small businesses in that city. Plus, each box contains fun facts and a watercolor map for each city, and your subscription helps to support small businesses.

Price: $39/month

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