24 Weird American Things That Are Normal Here But That I, A Brit, Find Super Bizarre

24 Weird American Things That Are Normal Here But That I, A Brit, Find Super Bizarre

Please stop microwaving your tea.

Hello! I’m Natasha, and almost two years ago I moved from England to New York City, because it’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

However, no matter how long I stay in this weird and wonderful city, there are still lots of small things about living in the USA that I find utterly bizarre. To name a few:


The bread is super sweet.

Nndanko / Getty

I’m targeting bread here, but TBH most food tastes like it’s had a packet of sugar poured on it.


Scones are triangular here.

Ken Cave / monitor6 / Getty

Why? Just why?


The pharmaceutical adverts are really odd.


Firstly, because they exist. Secondly, because they’re straight-up just like, “Well, you might die — but buy our product anyway!”


Also, there are so many adverts for weight loss.


I’m no expert, but I don’t get the impression many of them work.


You can’t buy most alcohol at grocery stores in some places.

Flickr: Phillip Pessar

I’m just saying that in the UK, you can buy a bottle of vodka with your milk and cereal.


The word “lube” is used too freely.

David Mcnew / Getty Images

If it’s not in the context of sexy time, it’s weird.


Sales tax is annoyingly not included in the regular price.

VTT Studio / Getty / BuzzFeed

What am I, a mathematician?


The prolific use of ranch sauce is grim.

chumpy551 / Getty

If I wanted my food to taste like feet, I would make it myself.


People are paid to greet you as you walk into a store.

Thunderstock / Getty Images

I’m going to Walmart, not being welcomed into your home.


The existence of microwaveable pizza should be a crime.

BuzzFeed / Natasha Jokic

A story of shattered hope.


People are so loud all the time.


People speak to the person next to them as if they’re projecting onstage in a Broadway play.


Peanut butter and jelly is a common snack, even though it’s a truly strange combination.

Reddit: ehhwhy89

Is jelly the same as jam?


People say “How are you?” as a greeting and it’s super confusing.


Do you want me to answer the question or not?


Fahrenheit is just a bananas unit of measurement.

Reddit: Duck_Tape_

You could tell me it was 1278390 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I still wouldn’t have a clue what you meant.


People put cream in their coffee.

Flickr: Terry Johnston

I don’t know what coffee creamer is, nor do I want to try.


Americans have different album covers than other places in the world.


It’s just an album cover, not artwork for my child’s bedroom wall.


People’s high school lunches sound inedible.

Reddit: aeonic_shadow

Never have I ever had a hamburger with milk at 11 a.m.


There are huge gaps in bathroom stalls.

Reddit: iwishmynamewasbrian

I don’t want to make eye contact with someone while I’m on the toilet.


Americans are so sensitive about swearing.


If I call you an uncouth fuckwit, I mean it as a compliment.


You can’t (legally) drink in public in lots of places.

Rhoberazzi / Getty

Gone are my days of chugging a road beer before the club.


People talk about other countries as if you’re from another planet.

fizkes / Getty / BuzzFeed

I’m from England, not Mars.


Books are super expesnive.


I’m trying to read, not make a down payment on a house.


People will microwave a mug to heat up water, rather than using a kettle.

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty

I can’t explain why this bothers me so much, but it does.


Finally, it’s the norm to share a bedroom in college — even though it sounds like a serious invasion of privacy.


I do not wish to be present for another teenager’s sexual awakening.

All in all, I still wouldn’t live anywhere else. Have you noticed any weird American things? LMK in the comments!

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