This Pair Of Thinx Underwear Has Been My True MVP During Lockdown

This Pair Of Thinx Underwear Has Been My True MVP During Lockdown

Game, set, match, uterus.

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I am here to sing the virtues of Thinx underwear, since I have been using their Hiphuggers ($34) for over a year now and they are truly pulling their weight during lockdown — but first, I’d *love* to overshare about my period.

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Gather round the fire, y’all. The truth is about to ~flow~.

For context, when it comes to my cycle, my uterus is extremely not here to play. I’ve heard the words “But how could that HAPPEN?” to more of my period misadventures than I can count, but that chick from Mean Girls with the heavy flow? WE EXIST.


If there is a will, my period will find a way. Even if that way is leaking through a jumbo tampon, a backup pad, my underwear, my jeans, AND the sweater I am sitting on over the course of an hour, as 16-year-old Emma once learned smack dab in the middle of driver’s ed. (I dare you to out-awkward teenage me.)

Everybody seems to want to give me advice on how to mitigate this, but no amount of “just sleep on a towel” or “you’re using the wrong products” has ever been able to help.


If you have suggested it, I have tried it!! I have been playing this game since I was 11!!!! Period: 1,000,000, me: mostly zero.

Now that you are somewhat acquainted with the history of my menstrual cycle, I can tell you that it has a semi-happy ending in that Thinx period-proof underwear has solved a large percentage of my period problems.


If you’re unfamiliar with Thinx, it’s a brand of washable, reusable, moisture-wicking underwear that absorbs period blood to either replace pads and tampons or be used in addition to them.


Each pair is super absorbent and leak-proof, and designed with a specific fit and lifestyle in mind.

While they have a lot of underwear shapes, I can only speak to the Hiphuggers — their standard pair — which I primarily love because they stay the heck put.


For further perspective on this, I am a wiggly individual. I’m a long-distance runner and I sit criss-cross applesauce at my desk and when I feel very strongly about thoughts I am voicing out loud I will occasionally emphasize them with a full-body dance move. Picking wedgies is my lifelong burden because of this, but Thinx locks itself to your booty and doesn’t budge.

And that ability to lock in place means they solve a huge issue I have as someone who prefers pads over tampons: when you shift your body just slightly to the left, and before you know it blood is escaping out of the crotch of your undies and onto your unsuspecting jeans.

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(Or worse, up your butt crack and onto your unsuspecting sheets. BIG SIGH.)

What I also love about the Hiphuggers is that they are ridiculously comfortable. I am the queen of granny panties and a big diva about being as cozy as possible at all times, so trust that I am difficult to please in this department.


Like, I find myself touching my butt every now and then just to make sure they’re still there. They’re so comfy that I will sometimes legit just forget they’re on.

They also have solved my number one period pet nightmare, which is bleeding onto the sheets at night. Annoying at all times, but especially annoying when we are all in various degrees of lockdown and in/around our beds way more often by default.

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Especially if you’re in a sitch where you’re not living with an in-unit washer/dryer, and the last thing you want is to have to hand wash your sheets in the middle of the night and wait for them to dry as you’re chilling out in your apartment the whole day.

I don’t use them to fully *replace* tampons and pads — like, I can hear my uterus laughing in the distance at the mere thought — but so far they have been fail-proof in catching whatever a tampon or pad doesn’t catch (which for some of us, unfortunately, can be … uh … a lot).


That said, I can use them as a replacement on the last two days of my flow, when things start to chill a bit. It feels weirdly liberating and lawless and if I had a flow manageable enough to swing tampon-free it for the whole time, I would absolutely do it.

It’s also just nice to have something that helps cut down on pad and tampon use in general — I tried menstrual cups and just can’t swing it, but knowing I have these on hand as the way we shop is changing has been kind of a relief.

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Like, if push extremely came to shove and I ran out of pads and tampons, I could ride out a cycle if I were constantly washing a few pairs of these out and drying them. Plus, even a little bit of cutting down on single-use menstrual products is helpful for the environment.

Which brings me to my next point — Thinx underwear washes and dries really well. They’re fully machine washable, but I usually just wring them out and wash them in the sink and hang them up to dry. It really only takes a few hours for them to be ready to rumble again.


Which is a blessing, because even when something is fast, I swear to you my period is faster.

I personally own two pairs of the Hiphuggers, but you have a ton of other options, from boyshorts to thongs, and their sizes range from XXS-3X.


Each pair of underwear lists how many tampons’ worth of absorbency it has and what kind of lifestyle it suits best. (You can even take a lil’ quiz on their site, if you want some guidance.) Plus, if you like more than one type of pair, odds are you can combine them in one of their many super saver sets.

The biggest merit to these, though, is that they just plain eliminate a thing I have to worry about. And in a world where there are *gestures vaguely and forever* so many things to worry about, it is really nice to have even a little thing like unnecessary period drama get knocked off the list.

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One problem down, [number redacted for our mutual sanity’s sake] to go!

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