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You know all of those code screenshots you see on Twitter? Though the code’s usually impressive, we saw room for improvement in the aesthetic department. Carbon makes it easy to create and share beautiful images of your source code. So what are you waiting for? Go impress all of your followers with your newfound design prowess.

Carbon example


  • Customization. Customize things like your image’s syntax theme, window style, and more
  • Share quickly. Save your image or
    a link with one click
  • Import from GitHub gist. Simply append a GitHub gist id to the url



There are a few different ways to import code into Carbon:

  • Drop a file onto the editor
  • Append a GitHub gist id to the url (e.g.
  • Paste your code directly


Once you’ve got all of your code into Carbon, you can customize your image by changing the syntax theme, background color, window theme, or padding.


After you’ve customized your image you can either Tweet a link to the image, or save it directly.

If you use the ‘Tweet’ button, Carbon will automatically make your image accessible. However, if you want to manually tweet your image, please check out how to make your Twitter images accessible.

If you include a Carbon image in a post, the source code will be invisible for assistive technology, it will not be possible to enlarge it or copy it, etc. Please, think about adding another element with the source code as text, like an HTML Details Element below the image.

Installing Carbon for Desktop (Offline)

If you are using Google Chrome, or another browser that supports Progressive Web Apps, you can install Carbon for use offline by:

  1. Visiting
  2. Clicking your browser’s settings menu
  3. Clicking “Install Carbon…”


Check out these projects our awesome community has created:

Editor Plugins
  • IntelliJ IDEA carbon-now-sh – Open up the selection in your current IntelliJ IDEA file in Carbon through a context menu
  • Atom carbon-now-sh – Open up your current Atom file in Carbon with shift-cmd-A
  • VS Code carbon-now-sh – Open up your current VS Code file in Carbon with command carbon
  • Sublime Text 3 carbon-now-sh – Open up the selection in your current Sublime Text 3 file with a custom bound key
  • Vim carbon-now-sh – Open up the selection in your current Vim/Neovim using function CarbonNowSh()
  • Emacs carbon-now-sh – Open up the selection in your current Emacs using interactive function carbon-now-sh
  • Xcode carbon-now-sh – Open up your current selection in
  • Xcode nef – This Xcode extension enables you to export a code selection as a Carbon snippet in a single action
  • CLI carbon-now-cli – Open a file in Carbon or download it directly using carbon-now, featuring an interactive mode, selective highlighting and more
  • Carbonize – A macOS wrapper with extended native features
  • CodeExpander – A smart GitHub gist client with the TextExpander features
  • nef – Export multiple Carbon code snippets from Xcode Playground.
  • @carbonshbot – A Telegram chatbot wich takes in a code snippet or gist URL and generates an Carbon image
  • R carbonate – Iteratively manipulate image aesthetics in R and either open in Carbon or download directly.


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Pull requests are welcome! Please see our contributing guidelines for more details.


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