What’s Your Hottest Hookup Story?

What’s Your Hottest Hookup Story?

Real talk: Sex and masturbation are totally normal parts of life.

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These experiences between consenting adults can be truly beautiful, fun, hot, and even awkward. But more importantly, they should be normalized.

So, with that said, we want to hear about your hottest hookup experiences ever.

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You know, the kinds of sexual experiences that you still think about YEARS later while partaking in some ~alone time~.

Maybe your first threesome was a euphoric night that involved being tied up, and the story would put 50 Shades of Grey to shame.

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Was the threesome with your roommate’s parents, some family friends, or some random people you met while traveling in a new country? Give us the details!

Perhaps you had a random hookup in the back of your car with someone from Tinder or Grindr, and the secrecy of it made the experience extra hot.

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Or did you and your partner hook up in a more public space, like a movie theater or in the back room while at work? Hey, I’m not saying it’s totally ethical, but if all parties involved were being safe and consenting then we want to hear that story.

Or, heck, maybe you were open to experimenting and had some fun with a teammate in the locker room. Maybe that one hookup even turned into something more substantial. Who knows?!

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Or did you make eye contact with someone at the gym, which ultimately led to some fun in the steam room? Or, *gasp*, did you get a professional massage that literally resulted in a happy ending? Hey, anything is possible!

This is a safe space, y’all. Use the comments below to tell us about the hottest sexual experience that you’ve ever had! And don’t be scared to go into detail!


The goal is to have an open, honest, and sex-positive forum that normalizes these experiences, so let’s turn up.

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