We’re hiring for Senior Product Manager at The Muse

We’re hiring for Senior Product Manager at The Muse

The Muse is the most trusted and beloved career platform, connecting individuals and companies on a more authentic level. We support over 75 million people looking to craft meaningful careers through TheMuse.com and our employer partners. Smart companies work with us to attract today’s top talent, giving candidates the information they need to find the company that is right for them. Why? Because life’s too short to hate your career.

As a Senior Product Manager at The Muse, you will contribute directly to the success of our candidate-facing product ecosystem and participate in strategic discussions that define our product roadmap and trajectory. You’ll directly oversee the Candidate Journey squad and contribute strategically to the Content squad, ensuring that our site’s 6M+ monthly unique visitors research, find, and apply for their best-fit jobs and careers.

In this role, you’ll maintain and help define the product roadmap, manage agile sprints and team communications, and run a tight build-measure-learn development cycle. You’ll partner closely with Engineering, Design, and stakeholder teams to ensure the most impactful ideas are nurtured, validated, tested, executed, and iterated on. 

How you’ll make an impact

  • As product lead for the Candidate Journey squad, you’ll be responsible for conversion to job pages, customer acquisition and retention, and NPS score across candidate applications. You’ll partner with the Content and Employer squads to drive applications.
  • You’ll hit the ground running by managing the in-flight priorities to hit existing commitments and deadlines.
  • You’ll take over the sprint process right away and become familiar with our backlog and roadmap. You’ll oversee ongoing agile backlog grooming, prioritization, and management.
  • You’ll utilize available data to draw inferences and conclusions that inform product decisions.
  • You’ll write dev-ready product requirements with clear acceptance criteria.
  • You’ll scope, document, and validate roadmapped features to help prioritize them in upcoming sprints.
  • You’ll get to know the competition’s features, offerings, and value propositions—and help The Muse maintain its unique edge in the industry.
  • You’ll support the Design team in furthering our user research acumen and conduct your own research to appreciate and anticipate customer needs.
  • In partnership with our Director of Product Design, you’ll help define the UX of our site and own the site “wrapper” such as navigation, homepage, and footer.
  • You’ll partner closely with Marketing stakeholders to balance user needs with business requirements.
  • You’ll oversee quality assurance for all applications, including feature testing, regression, and release support.
  • You’ll mentor other members of the Product team, provide guidance on best practices.
  • You’ll represent Product, Design, and Engineering to other departments and across The Muse broader organization.

Why we’ll love you

  • You have a desire to become a domain expert in the area of job seeking, matching, recruiting, and hiring. 
  • You’re driven to improve your tactical software management skills, are inspired by new best practices from other industries and companies, and share your acumen with the rest of the team 
  • You feel compelled to stay informed of new technologies, trends, patterns, and systems that can help The Muse maintain its competitive edge
  • You treat User Research like leg day—it’s painful but you never skip it. You always put the user first, and build a deep well of understanding and compassion for candidates and employers.
  • You’re a great partner to your stakeholders in Engineering, Design, Sales, Marketing, and leadership, and can communicate effectively across department boundaries.
  • You adhere to a strict Agile process that allows The Muse to maintain focus.
  • Your written communication is eminently clear, concise, and effective at managing conversations and keeping sprints moving.
  • You’re focused on the goal and prioritize work ruthlessly.
  • You use data—market, qualitative, quantitative, and heuristic—to make informed decisions.
  • You can get scrappy and hacky to unlock product growth.

To be considered, you’ll need…

  • 5+ years of relevant experience a fast-growth tech startup, at least two years in consumer acquisition, B2C conversion-driven web applications, and/or two-sided marketplaces 
  • Rich knowledge of conversion-driven web applications, interfaces, usability patterns, and frameworks
  • Experience with Search; Elasticsearch experience is a plus
  • Experience product managing fast-moving Agile and CI/CD teams
  • Code competency: a basic understanding of the capabilities and limitations of React and related frameworks 
  • Strong Analytical skills, including the ability to derive insights from data sets, analyze product usage, measure adoption, and understand client needs
  • Expert communication skills that can leverage the benefits—and overcome the drawbacks—of a semi-distributed engineering team
  • Deep experience crafting product requirements and specifications
  • Understanding of UI/UX design concepts, principles, best practices, and tools
  • An eye for, and appreciation of, good visual design and clean user experiences
  • The ability to be autonomous, driven, and self-directed

Why you’ll love us

  • You’ll work at a tech company founded by two badass women—Our founders believe transparency is important so they really try to share as much as they can about changes to The Muse strategy, board meetings, and when they are wrestling with big company-wide decisions.
  • The Muse actually has—and sticks to—a “no assholes” policy, so you can come to work everyday knowing you will always be surrounded by good people who genuinely care about you.
  • We invest in growing our people—personally and professionally
  • We offer unlimited vacation—and we mean it!

At The Muse, we believe that great ideas come from anywhere. We support a collaborative environment and value open participation from individuals with different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We believe having a diverse team makes The Muse a more interesting and innovative place to work, and we strive every day to make The Muse a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

If this could be your dream job, please submit a cover letter and resume, so we can get to know you a little better.

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