Drake Bell Revealed That His Whole House Is Disneyland Themed And It’s Really Something Else

Drake Bell Revealed That His Whole House Is Disneyland Themed And It’s Really Something Else

“I leave Disneyland and I come home to Disneyland.”

You know Drake Bell — actor, singer, Drake and Josh star, and apparently, a Disney SUPERFAN.

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Drake just did a Zoom interview with a Disney fandom YouTube channel, WDW News Today, and he ended up giving viewers a little tour of his home. And y’all, I’m not sure how it took so long for this to become public knowledge, but Drake’s ENTIRE HOUSE is Disneyland themed.

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“Here’s a quick tour of my house just to show you I’m not joking around here,” Drake told the hosts.

“Okay, so here’s my Tiki Room, right?” he said, guiding us through his replica of the famous Disneyland attraction. His Tiki Room is filled with all sorts of vintage Disney art, including Jungle Book prints, a surfing Goofy, and a hula-dancing Mickey.

“These are actual masks that are in Adventureland,” he says. “I got them from Oceanic Arts, the same place that made all this stuff for Disneyland.”

“This guy you’ll see in the park,” he added. (As it turns out, many of the artifacts in the room are things you’d find at the park.)

Drake also commissioned an artist to do a drawing of the Jungle Cruise for his Tiki Room, and named the boat, “The Daring Drake”:

Heck, even the walls and ceiling of his Tiki Room have been renovated to look like the real deal. That is COMMITMENT:

Next up, he gave us a brief glimpse of his ~ghostly~ bathroom, which has some Haunted Mansion art on the walls:

“This is my Haunted Mansion bathroom, obviously,” he said. He didn’t show us much inside it, but I did a little creeping on TikTok, and his shower curtain is the Haunted Mansion’s wallpaper:

He then moved on to his Mickey-themed living room, which includes a Disneyland sign over his fireplace, a Disney coffee table, and Disney art all over the walls:

His couch is decorated with vintage Club 33 pillows (Club 33 is the exclusive, membership-only lounge inside the park):

Drake even adorned his Kids’ Choice Awards with Mickey ears, which I feel like MUST be some sort of violation of his Nickelodeon contract:

He also had this custom “DRAKELAND” sign made, comprised of letters from various iconic Disney attractions:

And to top it all off, he’s got a small framed portrait of Walt Disney above his door:

Anyway. You get the point. His house is very, very Disney-fied. Kind of surprising for a kid who grew up on Nickelodeon, TBH!!!

“I leave Disneyland and I come home to Disneyland,” Drake concluded at the end of his tour.

Okay, honestly, I’m not sure how we NEVER knew this about Drake. But we probably should have figured something was up when, last month, he released this perfect TikTok recreation of the Haunted Mansion. No ordinary house would have had all those props laying around:

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