Only True Fans Will Know These Disney Channel Original Movies From A One Sentence Description

  1. A group of kids run away from home and trail their elder family member on a holiday.

    On Halloween night, Marnie and her siblings “trail” their grandma to Halloweentown! They literally followed her into the dark streets of the night without her knowing!

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  2. A multi-talented teen tries to excel in multiple extracurricular activities.

    He can play ball AND sing? Can you smell “college scholarship” in the air? People were mad but Troy was just trying to be a well-rounded guy!

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  3. A talented teen lies about their job so that they can have a fun summer with other talented teens.

    Did you forget that Mitchie helps her mom in the kitchen of “Camp Rock” because she can’t actually afford to go there? All this girl wanted to do was SING!

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  4. This talented teen decides to leave their friend group behind when the friends refuse to admit they’ve been distracted in a foreign country.

    The Cheetah Girls got really distracted during their trip to Spain and Galleria was NOT having it. Thankfully, they made up and eventually sang “Amigas, cheetahs, FRIENDS FOR LIFE!”

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  5. A girl gets a punishment that is out of this world. No one from her community believes her that some evil stuff is about to go down.

    Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

    Zenon gets into trouble at her space station so her parents send her to Earth to live with her Aunt Judy. It gets kinda tense when no one from the space station will listen to her warnings! But Prota Zoa makes my heart go, “boom, boom, BOOM!”

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  6. A teen is forced to work with their siblings to keep their unique family together.

    Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

    No one really addresses the fact that the Russo kids are sleeping outside for a few days while they try to fix Alex’s spell to keep their family together!

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  7. A teen tries to stick it out in their (new) tough school for the sake of their growing family and ends up finding a new passion.

    Kelly stuck it out in military school for the sake of her pregnant mom and to help smooth things over with her step-dad. She ends up making us all proud with her drill team routine at the end!

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  8. A pair of back-stabbers publicly humiliate their friend while he’s away from home.

    In the end, Twitty and Tawny (with the help of Tom!) redeem themselves for putting the Stevens family on the “Family Fakeout” reality TV show. Fortunately, the Stevens family gets the last laugh!

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  9. A pair of siblings start to work in their family business but struggle to relate to their coworkers.

    The Callum sisters work at their dad’s dairy farm to make up for some shoddy financial choices in the beginning of the movie. It takes a little time, but they find their groove around the farm!

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  10. A grungy teen is low-key mad at their dad whose job requires him to work with a lot of high-profile teens.

    Princess Protection Program

    Carter gets a little upset because her dad is always leaving for work (saving princesses). But at least she befriends Rosie by the end!

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  11. A wholesome kid moves to a new city with a very different climate. He tries to change the divisive and classist sports system.

    Johnny gets a “cold” dose of reality when his family moves from Hawaii to Vermont. But, he bonds with the snowboarders in his town because it’s “kinda like surfing.” When he finds out that the rich kids are the only ones who have access to the best slopes, he was like, “we can’t be having that!”

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  12. A smart teen’s dad gets wooed by a possessive and controlling woman.

    Who knew winning a “smart house” would lead to so many AI issues? “Pat” (the smart house) tries to take on a motherly role in the family but oversteps her boundaries a bit (okay, a LOT!).

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  13. A teen tries to turn his athletic hobby into a professional career, but ends up rollin’ with the wrong crowd.

    Brink just wants to skate 24/7 because he loves it so much! But things get kind of dicey when he tries to join a skate group with a corporate sponsor.

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  14. On a magical day, a rich teen finds out that her mom, dad, and (new) sister are not really who she thinks they are.

    It’s a magical BIRTHday, actually! Cameron (the rich twin) finds out that she has a twin sister, that she is adopted, and that she’s a WITCH all on her 21st birthday! That’s a lot.

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