Please re-add original author to docs and license · Issue #1703 · Guake/guake

Hello Guake maintainers,

I’d like to start by thanking you for continuously giving love to Guake and keeping it an amazing tool for lovers of GTK.

I’m the original author of the project, it started in 2007 as the guake-gnome-vte sourceforge project (before github was mainstream)

Around 2009 I stopped using Linux for desktop and contributing to Guake.

At some point my name was removed from the headers of most python files as well as from the list of authors.

You can see the original and old commits here:

The original code (still distributed) with my name on the “about window”:

Copyright (C) 2007 Gabriel Falcão

This is very unfortunate because Guake was one of my greatest creations and became a living organism, but without proper credit it becomes hard to prove that I’ve built valuable to the world.

What I ask

Please kindly add a small footnote to README.rst and to the docs website so that I can get properly credit.

I’m currently applying for a visa to move to the US, and would benefit from having my name mentioned somewhere else than the “About” window of the application, that way lawyers can refer to that link rather than having to install the application.

Thank you

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