I Can’t Deal With How Accurate This Parody Of Jessica From “Love Is Blind” Is

Now that the first season of Love is Blind is over, I still can’t stop thinking about the show – particularly Jessica’s antics.


No matter whether you were rooting for Jessica or full-on cringed watching her on the show, you have to admit she was the most entertaining part of Love Is Blind.


I’m still bewildered by everything about her, including the baby voice she put on whenever she’d talk to Barnett and Mark in the pods.

Dara Katz, who is an actor, writer, and director, thought Jessica’s baby voice was as ridiculously hilarious as I did, and made the perfect parody videos.

Comedy Central

She’s appeared in Broad City alum Arturo Castro’s show Alternatino.

In one video featuring Jessica in the pods talking to both Barnett and Mark, Dara’s baby voice is eerily accurate. The use of the blanket and the wine cup is an excellent touch.

She also made a video where she portrays Jessica in the reunion, which is equally hilarious. She pokes fun at the Barnett drama and nails Jessica’s facial expressions.

It’s absolutely perfect.

Dara Katz/Netflix

I don’t have the mental capacity to re-watch Love Is Blind and experience all the drama again, so Dara’s videos are the next best thing while I wait for Netflix to give us a second season.


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