The smallest header-only GUI library (5 KLOC) for all platforms.

Why GuiLite


  • ✂️Small: Just under 5,000 lines of C++ and header-only: GuiLite.h

  • ⚡Fast: Render a GUI within one invocation, independent of any OS or 3rd party library

  • 💉Embeddable: Runs inside Qt/MFC/Winform/Cocoa/Web – Keep legacy Qt/MFC code reusable

  • ⚙️️Hardware Minimum Requirements:

    Processor Disk/ROM space Memory
    24 MHZ 29 KB 9 KB

Cross platform

  • Supported OSes: iOS/macOS/WathOS, Android, Linux, Windows, RTOS… or MCU without OS
  • Supported languages: C/C++, Swift, Java, Javascript, C#, Golang…
  • Supported 3rd party libraries: Qt, MFC, Winforms, CoCoa…

Useful features

  • 🔣Multi-language, supports UTF-8
  • 🔨Toolkit for building font/image resources
  • 📐Layout GUI WYSIWYG
  • ☁️Cloud + IoT Solution
  • 📊Code Telemetry and Analysis in real time
  • 📦Supports 3D and Web
  • 🐋Run in docker with a single command: sudo docker run -it --privileged -v /dev:/dev-share idea4good/gui-lite:latest bash /

Easy to learn and support

Even a C beginner could master GuiLite quickly. The source code only uses basic C++ features (class, virtual function). We chose C++ as it could make the code size significantly smaller and easier to read.

Demo wall

Click the image you like, and run it on your hardware

Most of the demos have about 100 lines of UI code, more details here.

📞Community Channel

Thanks for the help from the community, you all make GuiLite better! And welcome to any new friend to join us.

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