34 Products That’ll Probably Make You Think “It Me”

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A piggy bank that’ll hold exactly one penny — the extent of my massive personal fortune.


Promising review: “Spent $9 on these just to be able to send this picture with the caption ‘I’ve finally found a piggy bank capable of handling my wealth’ to all of my friends. Worth it. 10/10 would recommend. ‘Twas an impulse buy, sure, but it was worth it.” —Julia

Get 20 from Amazon for $8.99.


A dishwasher magnet if you need to be scared straight into cleaning your dirty plates, cups, and silverware.


Promising review: “Is there not a better way to display if your dishes are clean or dirty?? I think not! This is perfect! My wife and I are huge fans of The Office and this was a no-brainer. Definitely gives us a laugh every time we see it. I purposely keep the dishes out of the dishwasher so I can display Prison Mike! Magnet is very strong and sticks to our stainless dishwasher with ease. Definitely worth the purchase for any Office fan!” —Jon Bauler

Get it from Amazon for $10.99 (available in three styles).


A cozy sherpa cardigan so you can transform into a living breathing teddy bear.


Promising review: “I saw this and was drawn to the shape and style. I get cold very easily so I’m picky with my jackets. First wear was just an average Los Angeles fall night (low 60s) and it did the job. Then I took it to Copenhagen…now that was the test. This jacket kept me warm in low-30-degree Scandic weather. Even while biking at night along canals, I did not feel the wind or cold. Of course you’ll need to wear layers (I did a heat tech turtleneck and light sweater). I highly recommend this jacket!” —Kay T

Get it from REI for $62.93 (originally $89.95; available in sizes XS–XL and two colors).


A white puzzle for anyone who enjoys making things harder than they need to be. Good luck once you connect all the edge pieces!


Promising review: “Mom usually can complete a 1,000-piece jigsaw in a single day. Got her this one a couple weeks ago…and she is STILL working on it (has 3/4 complete). It really is a hard puzzle. Anyone looking for a challenge should get this… or anyone looking to torture someone who loves puzzles should get this :D. At this point, when it is finished there are threats of burning in its future.” —Kim Taylor

Get it from Amazon for $21.60.


A bottle of caffeinated water to help you beat your coffee dependency (seriously, I’m at like five cups a day) without the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headaches.

@waterjoeusa / Via instagram.com

While coffee is truly delicious and has many benefits, there is also a lot to hate about bean water (teeth stains, coffee breath, caffeine crash). Water Joe delivers 70 milligrams of caffeine (a cup of java has ~95 milligrams) *and* it’ll actually hydrate your body without the withdrawal headaches and the bad breath.

Promising review: “I’m one of those people who is constantly dehydrated and awful at drinking water (I need to flavor it with something otherwise I get nauseous? Idk man). I usually have two to three cups of coffee in an average work day (8:30–5:30) and no water. I was skeptical of this but desperate and made sure I tried this more than a few day to make sure it wasn’t placebo. I’m down to one cup of coffee in the morning and I just sip on this (added lemon) throughout the day. No caffeine-withdrawal headache and I legitimately feel hydrated and energized. Like a real live adult 👏🏼” —Amazon Customer

Get 12 20-ounce bottles from Amazon for $23.95.


An AirPods watch band holder so there’s less of a chance that your forgetful self will lose your very expensive earbuds.


Promising review: “I purchased this item with the expectation that I would not like it but I was pleasantly surprised. It slid easily on my Apple Watch strap and I never notice that it is there. I spend a lot of time typing every day and worried it would be distracting but I haven’t once felt it. The AirPods fit very snugly inside the rubber and I have no fear that they will fall out since it takes a little effort to pull them out. I think it would look silly to constantly carry the AirPods this way, but I love having a place to put them rather than pulling out the case each time if I walk into a store or stop to have a conversation with someone.” —JMK

Get it from Amazon for $6.79+ (available in seven colors).


A pair of split leg track pants if your fashion ethos is “comfy clothes I can sit around in all day but make it fashion.”

Universal Standard

Promising review: “Comfy AND chic!” —Anonymous

Get them from Universal Standard for $148 (available in sizes 00–40).


A Darth Vader shower head to start each day with a new hope that it’ll be better than yesterday.


Promising review: “Bathing in Darth Vader’s tears is incredibly refreshing for the body and soul. Well made, works perfect. Buy it!” —Joshua Host

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.


A collection of kind of adorable and very creepy baby hand candles because you’re an adult now and you can furnish your apartment however you see fit.


Promising review: “Perfectly as described, that was the problem.” —Jon Jafari

Get two sets (four hands) from Amazon for $15.


A cute, comfy, breathable tie dye sweater that’ll keep you warm but not too warm if you live at the intersection of I’m always freezing street and I’m a sweaty beast avenue.


Promising review: “I love this sweater! It’s even better in person! It’s cute and it’s comfortable! I love finding cotton sweaters because they breathe so much better than wooly ones. And I live in a place where the weather is constantly changing this time of year. It was PERFECT. I got a lot of compliments! I’m buying all the other colors now!” —FinickyFox

Get it from Nordstrom for $49 (available in sizes XXS–XL and also pink).


A finger yoga to keep your digits long and limber.


Promising review:My fingers are in their best shape of their lives. My girlfriend notices my flexibility and strength. No longer cramping when picking my nose or scratching my behind. This allows me to practice my finger yoga in the privacy of my own home.” —Jose mendez

Get it from Amazon for $7.51.


A set of Friends trivia coasters for the super fan who thinks they know everything there is to know about their favorite TV show. Well, this is “The One Where They Get Stumped.”

Urban Outfitters

Promising review:Thick material and fun but difficult questions!! Watched the show my whole life and had a little difficulty with some of these. A fun challenge!” —jacket lover

Get 20 coasters from Urban Outfitters for $10.


A semi-sheer patterned blouse to leave you starry-eyed every time you see it hanging in your closet. (This is the perfect chance to show off your cute lace bras!)


Promising review: “I just got this and I’m wearing it for the first time today. Four women and one guy have complimented me on this top. It’s such a pretty shade of green with really beautiful details. It’s not overly tight or billowy. Semi sheer — I’m wearing it with a black bra and tucked into skinny jeans.” —Margaret

Get it from ModCloth for $55 (available in sizes XXS–4X).


A Baby Yoda PopSocket so you can use the force (but really just your PopSocket) to watch Netflix without your hands.

Urban Outfitters

Just an FYI, this PopSocket is on backorder and is expected to ship March 13.

Promising review: “I bought the last five in the store and gave one to each of my boyfriend’s family members for their birthdays. Everyone LOVES them!” —Reylo

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $15.


A box filled with cold weather goodies because you deserve to be pampered. Whip up a warming spicy hot cocoa (in your brand-new mug!) with the included mix and a wooden milk frother. Then, curl up in front of your laptop with your new pillow and a fuzzy throw so you can binge Love Is Blind.


GlobeIn sources their products from artisans from all over the world, including developing countries where production of these goods creates many jobs. As members of the Fair Trade Federation, GlobeIn pays their artisans fair prices for their products.

This box comes with a royal mug (made by Lavender Bows & Arrows in Mexico), a hot cocoa mix (made by Organic Spicy in Paraguay), a Oaxacan wooden milk frother, and an assorted animal pillow (made by Surprise Me! in Kenya).

Promising review: “This box was a nice, cozy treat perfect for winter. The plush was cute and the milk frother was especially lovely and unique.” —Heather H.

Get it from GlobeIn for $60.


An AllSaints leather jacket for when that sweet, sweet tax refund is deposited in your bank account and you’re ready to achieve your final form as a full-grown adult with sophisticated outerwear.


Get it from AllSaints for $498 (available in sizes 00–10)


A Jane Austen–themed lip balm because I’m pretty sure there’s a line in Pride and Prejudice that reads, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single person in possession of chapped lips, must be in want of a moisturizing lip balm.”


Promising review: “This is LITERALLY the best I have ever used. I’m on Accutane so my lips get suuuper dry and I was using some Blistex deep renewal somethingorother and my lips were constantly cracked and peeling. I happened to forget it one day and my lips were suffering so bad so I bought some of this from the gift shop of a botanical garden. My life changed that day. By that night my lips were already feeling better. A week of using it and they’re not peeling anymore. I ended up losing it 🙁 so I found it on Amazon and bought it. I seriously considered buying 18 so I could have an arsenal in every bag. It’s minty so it still gives your lips that refreshing feel without burning/drying them out more. I seriously don’t know how they do it. If you’re on the fence or sick of all the gimmick lip balms, BUY THIS ONE.” —McKenna Blinman

Get it from Amazon for $5.25.


A spooky poison apple bath bomb that’ll leave you smelling like a not-so-scary cinnamon apple pie. 🤤

PsychoBombers / Etsy


A chic patterned circle skirt if you need more pieces that can go from the office to drinks (or if you’re just itching to shop).

Dia & Co.

Get it from Dia & Co. for $49 (available in sizes 0X–5X and three colors).


An ocarina for fans of Zelda (and really anyone else who wants to learn to play a wind instrument). It also comes with a Zelda songbook!


Promising review: “I bought this as a present for my boyfriend, who is a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series. He enjoys learning the Zelda songs that come with the ocarina. It wasn’t too hard to use, very very pretty and looks good on a shelf as well. It also sounds good, which I’m thankful for because he’s been learning songs on it and the practice can get repetitive.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.


A pack of Alice in Wonderland sticky notes that’ll help you get all your ideas down on paper so you don’t go down a rabbit hole when you should be getting work done.


Promising review: “I was hesitant to purchase these cards even though I love everything Alice, because many Alice illustrations fall short of what I believe they should look like. However, I do NOT regret my purchase. They are beautiful! Lovely illustrations and very nice quality. They can certainly withstand any handling but I think I will keep them pristine because they are so elegant.” —Talo

Get it from Amazon for $7.95.


A slinky slip dress because, gosh darn I’m so freaking sick of this winter weather. I just want to feel the sun on my skin!


Promising review: “I wore this dress on a dinner cruise during a visit to NYC. I felt so elegant but could easily see myself dressing it down a little too. The green color was divine! Very happy with the dress and style.” —AquaDawn

Get it from Anthropologie for $118+ (available in standard, petite, and plus sizes and eight colors).


And a pair of strappy sandals that’ll help you manifest warm weather.


Get them from Madewell for $59.50 (available in sizes 5–11 and three colors).


A cruelty-free lengthening mascara so your usually sad, stick-straight lashes actually hold a voluminous curl. It’s lightweight, won’t transfer, doesn’t smudge, and lasts all day — what more could you ask for?

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “Love it, love it, love it!!! You really look like you have fake eyelashes on. This mascara is amazing! It’s not thick and lumpy, and it glides on smooth and precise. You feel like you had a makeup artist do your eyes!!! It lasts all day, no touch-up required, no smearing, no clumping. I use soap and warm water to remove. I am 500% completely happy and satisfied!” —Disappointed

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.


A mascara separator if you’re not a fan of the clumpy-lashes look. The comb is curved so you can reach every itty bitty lash.


Promising review: “The comb is very precise and works very well for separating eyelashes. I use this when my eyelashes start to clump together after applying mascara. It leaves me with perfectly divided and non-sticking eyelashes. Definitely a better alternative than using the end of a bobby pin! It also came with a sleeve to protect the ‘bristles.'” —garlic bread

Get it from Amazon for $8.39.


A pair of hoop earrings to make your heart skip a beat.


Get them from Missguided for $10.


A mini pet tepee if you live to spoil your pet. All jokes aside, giving your dog or cat their own special place that makes them feel safe can help reduce their anxiety.


Promising review: “A perfect gift for my cat! She loves hanging out in there and sleeping in there. I’m jealous. I wish they could make one for humans!” —Leonora Agostino

Get it from Amazon for $49.99 (available in two colors).


One roll is 20.5 inches wide and 16.5 inches long, which gives you 28 square feet of coverage.

Promising review: “Love, love, love this wall paper!!! It is beautiful and unique, refined and elegant, and heavy duty quality. I found it super easy to install, though I opted to use it for a room border versus full wall coverage. I also found it very forgiving, allowing me to pull it back off and adjust areas without leaving permanent dents in the design. It gave my son’s bedroom a whole new look and I have gotten lots of compliments on this wallpaper!” —Melissa

Get it from Novogratz on Amazon for $39.99 (also available in 10 prints and 11 colors).


A pair of cow boots if it’s time to put all your other boots out to pasture so these beauties can take a front-and-center spot on your shoe rack.

Aloha Sandals

I have been eyeing these boots since late October of last year and I finally made them mine (they’re available for preorder and 15% off; shipping starts March 25) thanks to my tax refund. Come end of March I will finally get to live out my unrealized fantasy of growing up on a farm with cute livestock and saying “howdy” unironically.

Promising review: “These boots are AMAZING! I have already gotten so many compliments on them and have only wore them twice. They fit very true to size and I am pleased with the quality.” —Landi Peregrine

Pre-order them from Aloha Sandals for $175 (available in sizes 35–42).


A Homesick candle for anyone who’s missing the scent of home a little extra right now. *cries orange-scented tears because I miss Florida*


Promising review: “I got this as a surprise for my boyfriend. He moved to my state from Texas for college. I wasn’t sure about how it would smell, but I figured even if he wasn’t a fan it would be neat as a decoration for his room. When I surprised him with the candle and he smelled it, he actually got very emotional and started crying because he said the smell instantly brought back so many memories of home. I don’t know how they did it, but Homesick Candles managed to replicate the smell of home so well in this candle that it took my boyfriend back home immediately. Definitely worth my money :)” —Bailey K.

Get both from Amazon, the 13.75-ounce candle for $26.43+ (available in 51 styles) and the mini candle for $16.95 (available in nine styles).


An clear eyebrow gel that’ll hold each hair in place if you’re cursed with perpetually unruly caterpillars above your eyes.


Promising review:Best eyebrow gel ever purchased. The applicator holds enough gel to use on both eyebrows at once, if you’d like. Initially it felt slightly sticky on my eyebrows, like for the first five seconds after applying, but then it dries to look and feel as if nothing is there. It holds my eyebrows in the exact shape I want and so far I am very satisfied.” —VT

Get it from Amazon for $4.20.


The Infectious Disease Coloring Book because you couldn’t care less about coloring cat butts and curse words. Flesh-eating bacteria, on the other hand? Now I’ve got your attention.


Promising review: “This was bought for a dear friend and former roommate who would show me what various diseases and other grossness she had learned about that day. In this book she not only saw a picture she had seen in one of her course books but she said eww multiple times! Extremely pleased to have given her a very gross yet creative gift.” —Sarah

Get it from Amazon for $9.86.


A rechargeable hand warmer so your perpetually cold hands stay warm — this itty bitty bb is deceptively powerful and can reach 131 degrees Fahrenheit.


Promising review:Very small, but very hot. Don’t be fooled by my small hands (above), this hand warmer is about the size of a computer mouse BUT it gets very hot. Perfect for camping, sporting events, hunting, or in my case, a chilly office. It’s small enough to easily fit in my purse so I can tote it with me when I need it. I am highly satisfied. It also arrived fast with my Prime free two-day shipping. 👍🏻👍🏻” —GF

Get it from Amazon for $25.99 (available in three colors).


A box of pore-tightening, skin-lifting face masks to impress the beauty lover who’s tried just about every face mask on the market. This one will 1. scare you because you look like a zombie 2. scare your roommate because you actually look like a zombie and 3. scare you again once you wash it off because it’s so darn effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Promising review: “Smells great! This face mask does exactly what it says. My skin is nice and lifted, hydrated, noticeable reduction in fine lines, improved texture, reduced my pore size, and eliminated some newly developed rough patches forming around the hairline. Couldn’t be more satisfied with this product! I have pretty good skin for 37, but this mask has really helped take my skin to the next level” —VeganVixen

Get a box of eight masks from Amazon for $21.86.

Inner me: Do I need this? Also inner me:


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