collapsible markdown

the detail construct is plain html, it is not markdown. is there any effort to add a detail feature into markdown spec with some simple syntax?

in vim i often use the following structure:

{{{ - section header
introductory text

{{{ + subsection 1
  subsection 1 test
  possible sub-subsections
{{{ - subsection 2
  subsection 2 text

the {{{ ... }}} construct in vim appears as a fold (single line) which can be expanded. the +- signs are not important for vim (they mean done/todo for me). it would be nice if i could use a markdown syntax like the above for collapsible sections. ideally i would like to have a single file which serves both collapsible folds in vim and collapsible sections in markdown.

in vim i can easily close an open fold when the cursor is inside the fold text, which is convenient when the fold is large and the header line is out of the screen. in html it seems that i cannot collapse a detail by clicking inside it, i need to scroll up to its summary line.

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