15 Netflix Shows That 100% Do Not Need Another Season


BoJack Horseman


The way BoJack Horseman ended is perfect. Don’t believe me? The penultimate episode of BoJack ranks THIRD on IMDb’s list of the top TV episodes ever. Like, does the Sistine Chapel get a revamp every few years by edgy new artists? Does the Mona Lisa need a part two where her eyebrows are more on trend? NO. Let BoJack rest in peace.


Stranger Things


I would like to make one thing crystal clear: I really like Stranger Things. I even went to a kinda lame themed event at Coney Island to celebrate Season 3. However, I also think that NOTHING has been able to come CLOSE to capturing the magic and mystery of Stranger Things Season 1. The longer it goes on, the more meh I become about the whole thing. A tragedy.


The End of the F**king World


If you haven’t seen TEOTFW yet, I highly recommend it. It is a gem. I even posted some Season 2 screenshots (aka photos that I took of my laptop with my iPhone 6’s cracked camera) on my Instagram story, because that is the kind of high quality content my two followers live for. I won’t spoil it, but the ending of Season 2 is just really nice. Everything feels resolved. There need not be more.


Arrested Development


On the one hand, Arrested Development should not have been canceled back in ’06. On the other hand, the more recent seasons make me bluer than Tobias — and there’s a possibility it’s going to keep going. Please, Netflix, arrest this reboot’s development. Hell, arrest whoever keeps it going.


13 Reasons Why



Fuller House


Five seasons of this is truly more than enough. To quote one charming review of the first season, “There’s a point where nostalgia becomes more like necrophilia, and Fuller House immediately crosses that line.” Just gonna leave that there.




After accusations of body-shaming, people were straight up petitioning for this show to get cancelled before it even started, yet it somehow got a second season. However, it just officially got canceled, so it seems like someone out there is listening.


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


The ending of the Gilmore Girls revival is just…kind of bleak? So bleak? Plus, we don’t know if there will be more. Can I un-watch it and go back to the way things were before? Please, Netflix? PLEASE? I can’t watch anymore. My heart can’t take it.


Black Mirror


Netflix turned a TV show that I used to watch after high school on UK broadcast television into an international cultural behemoth, which I’m totally for. However, recent episodes have been a bit more miss than hit. The show should focus on doing more one-off weird projects à la Bandersnatch.


Queer Eye


I have a lot of love for Queer Eye. It taught me how to French tuck and has made me cry ugly tears more times than I can count. However, Season 4 felt more like a cookie-cutter makeover show that missed what made the first few seasons so impactful. I still want more Fab Five content, just…not in the form of more Queer Eye.




Between is a Netflix show that follows a group of teens after all the adults in their town mysteriously die. It’s totally different from The Society, a Netflix show that follows a group of teens after all the adults in their town mysteriously vanish. Between was never officially canceled — Netflix just vanished on the series like the adults to those kids. Given the shambolic reviews, I don’t think many people are itching for a Season 3. Just watch The Society instead. A 100% different show.


The Great British Baking Show


Mary Berry is the English queen that I choose to recognize. When the show changed UK broadcasters and Mary, Sue, and Mel left, the show became a stale pound cake where a glorious trifle once stood. Don’t even get me started on any American remakes.




Do not get What/If confused with What If?, a Middle Eastern TV show also on Netflix that (as far as I can tell) does not have Renée Zellweger in it. What/If is a show that’s eerily similar to Indecent Proposal — but can’t decide if it wants to be actually good or bad in a good way. Please, give me more Renée Zellweger on my screen — I’ll even watch Judy for Renée! — but she should live her best life in something else.


Another Life


Another Life is a sci-fi space series that I found so deep in the Netflix back-catalog, the lights got dark and it all got a bit chilly. It has received a stellar 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. There’s a Reddit thread asking if it’s bad on purpose. It’s been accused of being nonsensical, cliché, and derivative. Yet, it has been renewed it for another season.


The Witcher


Unpopular opinion time: I know that there will probably be another thousand episodes of The Witcher and I will have to be okay with this. However, even shirtless, sword-swinging Henry Cavill isn’t enough to keep me entertained. The plot is convoluted and tonally all over the place. It should be over.

Do you disagree and think these shows deserve another season? Convince me in the comments below.

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