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Thread: The IG Report, Proof that Both the FBI and Media Need a Reckoning

At 129pm on Monday the OIG released the long-awaited report on FISA abuse perpetrated by the FBI against members of the Trump campaign and their Crossfire Hurricane spying operation.

The media had been doing their best to pre-emptively draw people’s attention away from it, and have since been in full spin mode, while their coworkers in the DNC have been providing every distraction they can come up with.

But no matter how much spin they put on it, anyone who has read the report for themselves, is an honest broker or listened to the AG Barr interviews the day after the report dropped will tell you the same thing: it’s damning.

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taekook au ; shy boy jeongguk often gets picked up from school by his older brother’s friend taehyung, who’s been dubbed the ‘hot college guy’. no one’s actually seen jk and ‘hot college guy’ together until jk texts him that he feels sick before falling asleep in english class.↓

“Hey sorry to interrupt, I’m just here for Jeongguk. I signed him out.”

multiple pairs of eyes watch him walk over to the boy in the back with his head down and hood up, and taehyung lightly shakes him awake.

“Gguk? Baby? let’s go home, okay?”


☞ 𝙠𝙞𝙢 𝙩𝙖𝙚𝙝𝙮𝙪𝙣𝙜

– student at SNU

– charming, popular

– best friend: jeon namjoon, older brother of jeon jeongguk

– often travelling for studies or leisure

– people try to get close to him but it rarely ever works

– hard time trusting people

– an enigma to jeongguk

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1/ Crypto might not have Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report, but we have something much better: an absolute phalanx of researchers who don’t wait a year but share insights monthly, weekly, daily.

Here are 20 slides of charts & goodies about the latest in BTC & crypto!

2/ Let’s start with Bitcoin.

As we debate whether we’re still in a bear market or have moved to bull @DiarNewsletter has been tracking the record CME futures volumes.…

3/ Also from @DiarNewsletter, this interesting nugget: a 26% increase in the # of addresses with 1-10k BTC since the bear market began.…

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45 Days Of @ElvisCostello: a twitter megathread in anticipation of the Oct 12 release date of LOOK NOW, the new LP by Elvis Costello & The Imposters

This is either a bright idea or a brilliant mistake, but this is only, this is only, this is only the beginning…

I did something similar to this 5 years ago, in anticipation of EC & @theroots‘ Wise Up Ghost LP, on tumblr.

(You can still find all those posts if you look, although a lot of the YouTube links etc are now dead ends. It was 40 Days Of EC then, so for 2018 I’m upping it to 45.)

Mostly I will be going chronologically from the early years right up to the present, but it feels right to start out with Costello’s 2002 song, “45.”

Music Video directed by @jessebdylan

(There’s an alternate “diner” version I can’t find anywhere online)

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