What is this?

This is an easy to understand example based tutorial aimed at those who know nothing of awk.


This guide is a part of the Multiversity initiative. The aim is to have high quality open source tutorials along with screencasts.


We welcome all Pull Requests, please raise an issue before starting your work!


  • Through this book we want to teach how to write awk scripts. The user is not expected to know awk, but the user is expected to know programming, or at least one programming language.
  • The book shall comprise of chapters, if the topic is huge and doesn’t fit into one chapter, then we split into multiple chapters, if possible.
  • Each chapter should be split into logical parts or sections with a meaningful title which’ll teach the reader something.
  • Every concept should be accompanied by code (if there is any).
  • The code shouldn’t be more than 80 characters wide because in the PDF versions of the book the code is invisible.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit, please keep the description as small as possible. This doesn’t mean we skip it, but try to explain it in as simple words as possible.
    in such cases do explain the concept.
  • The main title should have one #, sections should have 2 #’s sub section should have 4 and notes should have 6 #’s (note should have a title too).
  • Multi-line code should use syntax fencing, single line of code can be indented using tabs or by backticks.

Written with love in India with help from the Internet.

Book License: CC BY-SA 3.0 License


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