A “Black-ish” Actor Refused To Stay Quiet After Trolls Attacked Him With Anti-Gay Comments Over His Red Carpet Outfit

For those of you who’ve never seen Black-ish (seriously, you’re missing out), this is Deon Cole:

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The 48-year-old actor plays Charlie Telphy on the hit ABC show and reprises his role on the spin-off sitcom Grown-ish.

Last week, Deon won an NAACP Award for his role in the series. He took home the trophy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.


However, the only thing trolls on the internet wanted to talk about was the outfit he wore on the red carpet.


Deon showed up — looking fly as hell, I should add — in a velvet Gucci outfit with bell-bottom trousers.

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Get into this drip.

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Only a confident man could pull this off so effortlessly. While I was here for it, many others were not.

Deon addressed the negative backlash on Instagram, writing, “Tomorrow, I’m going to do a post talking about this and the many many more derogatory messages and threats I’ve received about that Gucci velvet bell-bottom pants suit that I wore.”

He also posted a screenshot from someone who called him a “sick individual,” writing, “I’m a sick individual for wearing bell bottoms pants??? I swear people, I’m not getting this shit at all??? These MF’s are crazy!”

During his Instagram Live, Deon, who’s also a comedian, shared that he always had an affinity for flamboyant outfits. “I’ve always had the balls to wear what I wanted to wear, and with that comes opinions,” he said.

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“The part that I’m tripping over about this is the hate,” he continued. “The hate that I have been receiving because I wore a bell-bottom valor velvet suit has been unreal.”

Deon explained the inspiration behind his NAACP look, saying his love for the disco era and the men who wore similar trousers then influenced him. “Why was it so far-fetched for me to pay homage to an era that I love through Gucci, wearing a suit, a bell-bottom suit that led y’all to go, ‘He gay,’ ‘He a fag,’ and all this other stuff?”

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“I’ve been told I’ve been called a ‘bitch-ass nigga, faggot,’ I’ve been told I’m gonna get my ass whooped … Motherfuckers have denounced me from being funny — because of a suit. It wasn’t even a whole suit.”

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“I’ve got tough skin, I’m a comic — but the hatred that you all spewed was crazy to me,” he admitted.

Deon also made an appearance on the daytime talk show The Real this week and said even though he’s not gay, he’s speaking out for the “20-year-old kid who can’t come out the closet, who’s stuck because of this hate; because people hate him.”

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“I can bring attention to this and be like, ‘Why do you have to hate like that?'”

He received support from stars like Don Lemon and Gabrielle Union, who wrote, “I’m baffled and hate you got threats, but keep on doing you and what makes YOU happy [Deon] because your joy will allow you to keep bringing joy to others. Respect.”

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“Deon, you give me joy too brother. You are the real f’ing deal. Keep spitting truth,” Don Lemon commented.

Deon, as a gay man myself, I say thank you for your classy and thoughtful response to the trolls. We need more confident and outspoken allies like you.


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