Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul Announced They’re “Taking A Break” After Five Months Of Marriage

Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul Announced They’re “Taking A Break” After Five Months Of Marriage

YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul have announced they’re “taking a break” from their relationship after getting married in Vegas last July.

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In a lengthy post on her Instagram account, Tana wrote that she and her husband of five months are “taking a break to focus on [their] own very crazy lives”.

It’s safe to say there was a lot of speculation about the nature of Jake and Tana’s relationship when they got married — namely, people thought that it was all fake and they just did it for “clout”.

And things got even more complicated with an episode of Tana’s MTV reality show, Tana Turns 21, in which she said the wedding was something “lighthearted” they were “doing for fun and for content”.

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She later said on Twitter that the quote had been taken out of context and she was “a little salty” about it.

The announcement comes a few days after Tana uploaded a 40-minute video to her YouTube channel in which she revealed “the truth” about the wedding and her relationship with Jake.

In the video, she said the wedding “started as a joke” and both she and Jake were “in over [their] heads and having so much doubt”.

And she revealed she had been hurt when she woke up one day to see Jake had posted this photo with his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, on Instagram to promote his new song.

“If the wedding was fake to me in my head, I would be in so much less pain,” she said in the video. “It’s worse, the whole world thinks this shit is fake and I’m out here in so much pain.”

But despite all that, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between them — in fact, Jake appeared in the comments of Tana’s Instagram post with this:

And Tana hopped onto Twitter to retweet a photo from a fan, who said “this ain’t the end”.

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