Demodesk – How you present is everything

Demodesk – How you present is everything

Building a world class team

We recently graduated from Y Combinator in San Francisco (W19), opened our first office in Munich (Germany) and are now looking for world class engineers and online marketing rockstars to join our team.

We developed the first screen sharing technology designed for the cloud age. Sharing web apps and other cloud-based content is over 5x faster and sharper with Demodesk than with traditional desktop sharing tools. While there are various interesting use-cases, we are starting with sales. Since we detach the entire meeting environment from the local desktop and bring it into the cloud, we are the first platform the has the ability to improve conversations in real-time. We provide automated coaching on the fly: users have complete insight into words spoken and content shared. Demodesk automatically supports the conversation with dynamic persona-specific sales playbooks, keyword-triggered cheat sheets, content suggestions, and conversational metrics.

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