New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Story DLC Details Reportedly Revealed

New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Story DLC Details Reportedly Revealed

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order dataminers have seemingly unearthed new information that reveals the future content coming to the Nintendo Switch game, including some new story DLC. More specifically, over on Reddit, user GypsyGold dumped a metric ton of information gathered from an alleged and recent datamining effort of the game.

According to the user, Beast, Dark Phoenix, and Professor X “mention several team bonuses, including ‘Inhumans,’ which doesn’t currently exist.” Meanwhile, it’s said that Medusa has a new voice clip, which possibly points to a playable Medusa and Black Bolt to round out an Inhumans team. As for new content, there’s allegedly new spoken NPC dialogue, which hints at story DLC. Further details on this aren’t really divulged, but the post mentions that the Negative Zone and Doomstadt are explicitly named in the dialogue.

More specifically, Iceman mentions Negative Zone, noting that it’s very cold, but not for him. Annihilus is also mentioned. The character is usually the leader of the Negative Zone, so this may confirm he is its boss in the game. As for Doomstadt, it appears to be in some type of trouble and overrun by vampires. Interestingly, Cable supposedly mentions Celestial, which possibly points to Galactus.

Again, take all of this with a grain of salt given the source. Further, datamining leaks in general are sometimes unreliable. Not only because things are subject to change, but sometimes old, unused files are mistaken for new and upcoming content.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch. For more on the game — including news, media, and rumors — be sure to check out all of our past and recent coverage of the 2019 game by clicking right here.

“The scope of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is impressive,” reads a snippet from our official review of the game. “The story is all about fan service, but its fun, enjoyable fan service. The game is fun solo, though multiplayer is ideal. The drop-in, drop-out multiplayer makes that a breeze, and the Switch’s portability and connectivity make it easy to find opportunities to play. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a grand, action-packed celebration of the Marvel Universe that fans won’t want to miss out on.

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