7 Times Disney Channel Got Dark

7 Times Disney Channel Got Dark


Lizzie McGuire: “Inner Beauty”

Disney Channel

In this episode, Miranda dislikes how she looks in a video and turns to drastic and dangerous dieting. This episode shows a realistic example of an eating disorder. Miranda explains that she feels her life is so outrageous that food is one of the few things she can control. Through the help of her friends, Miranda sees she is beautiful the way she is.


That’s So Raven: “True Colors”

Disney Channel

Raven and Chelsea both apply for jobs at a clothing store, of which Raven is significantly more qualified. Chelsea is hired, but Raven isn’t. In a vision, Raven hears the manager say, “the truth is, I don’t hire black people.” Raven feels there’s nothing she can do about it, but with the help of Eddie, Chelsea, and a classic Raven disguise, the manager is exposed for her discrimination.


Lemonade Mouth: Olivia’s Dad

Disney Channel

Olivia confesses to her bandmates and friends that the reason her father is not around is that he’s in prison. She also discloses that she doesn’t talk to him because she doesn’t know what to say. We don’t know the exact reason for her father’s imprisonment, but we can speculate based on Olivia saying, “He’s made some really bad decisions since my mom died.” In the end, the band helps Olivia deal with her father’s absence and find a way to talk to him.


The Cheetah Girls: Dorinda’s Family

Disney Channel

By accident, Chanel finds out that Dorinda lives in a foster home with many other children. Dorinda also struggles with money and has to work at her dance studio to pay for lessons. “My real mom, she didn’t want me,” Dorinda says as she explains how grateful she is for The Cheetah Girls. She was hiding her truth because she didn’t want it to hinder her friendship with the girls and her involvement in the group.


Hannah Montana: “Been Here All Along”

Disney Channel

Miley is on her first date with Jesse when he takes a long call from his father. Miley is offended. Jesse tells her that his father is a soldier fighting in Afghanistan, and he rarely gets to speak to him. This information makes Miley realize how lucky she is to have a father who is always around when she needs him.


That’s So Raven: “Where There’s Smoke”

Disney Channel

Raven has a vision that Cory has started smoking. She naturally panics and enlists Eddie and Chelsea to talk some sense into Cory. Spoiler: Cory wasn’t smoking, but his former girlfriend Cindy is. Cindy explains that everyone at her new school smokes and she just wanted to fit in. In hearing the lessons everyone was teaching Cory, Cindy learns she needs to quit if she wants a healthy future.


Starstruck: Jessica and Christopher

Disney Channel

Jessica believes she has gotten to know the real Christopher Wilde, but is devastated when he goes back to acting like a celebrity in public. Christopher says he’s trying to protect her by distancing himself. Jessica is hurt by Christopher pretending not to know or care about her. When the press invades her life, she realizes this is what Christopher was trying to save her from, and she sees what they have done to him. The press has made it impossible for Christopher to be himself.

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