Machine Made of LEGOs Uses AI to Sort LEGOs

Machine Made of LEGOs Uses AI to Sort LEGOs
LEGO enthusiast and YouTuber Daniel West has created what he believes to be the next evolution of LEGO sorting machines. His creation is the first of its kind and uses AI and Neural Networks to sort any kind LEGO brick — something that’s never been done.As spotted by Nerdist, in his video, West explains that his LEGO sorter is the third in existence, but is the latest and greatest in the line of brick sorters. While the other two machines that exist sort LEGO’s into different categories, Wests’ machine is the only one capable of sorting any LEGO brick in existence, as long as it has a 3D model.

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His machine is capable of identifying and sorting any LEGO brick every made using an advanced AI neural network system. As explained in detail in a separate video, the “universal LEGO sorter” is capable of recognizing different LEGO parts by training on existing 3D images. Thus, as long as there is a 3D image in existence for a specific LEGO part, the neural network can learn how to properly sort it.As if this wasn’t already impressive enough, the machine is made entirely out of over 10,000 LEGO bricks and has six fully functioning LEGO motors. Bricks can be dumped into the machine in mass quantities, which will then be individually scanned and sorted into one of 18 different buckets. Currently, the machine is capable of sorting around one piece per two seconds, says West.

West has spent over two years developing his LEGO sorting machine and will likely continue to make improvements in the months and years to come. As more and more LEGO bricks are being produced, this machine would be able to help even the most intense LEGO collectors stay organized.

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