A lot of people got an Amazon Echo or Fitbit for the holidays, based on App Store rankings

A lot of people got an Amazon Echo or Fitbit for the holidays, based on App Store rankings

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Todd Haselton | CNBC

Amazon Echoes and Fitbits were popular stocking stuffers this year, if Apple’s App Store is any indication.

Following Christmas day, Amazon‘s Alexa app sat atop the App Store’s top free apps list, which is Apple‘s weekly round-up of the most popular apps. Alexa dethroned last week’s top app, Disney+, according to the AP. YouTube took second place this week, followed by Disney+ in third.

The Fitbit app managed to take seventh on the list. Google is in the process of acquiring the wearables company, but the deal is under regulatory review.

The Alexa app helps customers set up their Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo smart speaker and can be used to manage the devices. The Fitbit app is used to track and monitor the wearer’s health, including calories burned and heart rate. It can also be used to log information such as food consumed throughout the day.

It’s somewhat rare to see hardware-tied apps like Alexa and Fitbit on the top ten list, but there’s often a spike in popular hardware after Christmas as people set their new devices up.

Beyond Alexa and Fitbit, Spotify, Google Home and Netflix also managed to make the list this week in the 8th, 9th and 10th spots respectively. Those five apps managed to bump three game apps, a tattoo drawing app and the Amazon mobile app off the list this week.

The Facebook app, which placed 13th this week, was notably absent from the top ten, as was Facebook Messenger, which placed 12th. Instagram was the only Facebook-owned property to make the top ten this week.

It is at least the second week in a row that the Facebook app has failed to appear in the top ten.

Apart from Facebook, most social media apps managed to fend off the uptick in hardware-driven apps this week. YouTube rose to the second top app, up from sixth last week. Snapchat took fourth, up from eight. TikTok came in fifth, compared to fourth last week, and Instagram rose to sixth, up from seventh.

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